"This is how I’ll take my Schumann from now on: Danish and surprisingly sexy." Classical CD Of The Week im FORBES MAGAZINE

Wonderful review of the Schumann symphonies in the famous FORBES MAGAZINE!

...The result was very, very pleasing. At first I thought: Well, these symphonies always sound pretty darn good, don’t they!?” No, they don’t. Not as good as this. What great fun #morninglistening this turned out to be. Engaging and punchy, they sound fresh and airy and listening to them reminded me a bit of the joy I felt when listening to the Paavo Järvi/Bremen Beethoven or Thomas Dausgaard’s Schubert with the Swedish Chamber Orchestra. The First and Fourth Symphonies are particularly happy: The strings shimmer and flitter, the ensemble word is precise, and every member of the orchestra sounds as though they are involved, lively, and eager… which contrasts nicely to a general sense of drabness in too many other recordings. 

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