FORBES zählt Simon Gaudenz' Schumann-Symphonien zu den 10 besten Einspielungen 2016

Jens F. Laursen von FORBES:
"Until not so long ago, Wolfgang Sawallisch’s set of Schumann Symphonies was the universal consensus reference recording which conveniently meant that thinking about new recordings wasn’t necessary – nor renewed listening. But then came the HIPsters and forced us to re-listen and re-appreciate. And now we are pummeled with new, edgy Schumann that changes our conception of the broad, rather Gemütlich composer who was a little bit rubbish at orchestrating. (A myth not even Bernstein was able to dispel in his compelling 1950s lecture.) Still, any new recording of the four symphonies, unless it comes from a star-powered combo, is going to be treated with some suspicion. Simon Gaudenz and the Odense Symphony Orchestra are not “star power” and in any case, didn’t their CPO label just release the complete Schumann Symphonies on SACDs a few years ago, in decent recordings with the aptly named Robert Schumann Philharmonic from Chemnitz? Well, color me skeptical. But the discs were atop the stack of new arrivals and disc one was half in the player before I even looked at the cover. Uncolor me!
It’s still as damn impressive as it was then and turned out an easy inclusion in this list."